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Charities We Support

We support a few charities and we encourage staff participation in local events to benefit various charities.

I’d also like to mention that a lot of my staff do a lot of incredible things behind the scenes that go unnoticed by the public. They don’t do it for attention. They do it because they are genuinely caring people. I asked my front desk staff about things stylists did and there was a very long list ( including certain stylists going to pick up some “little old ladies” that live close to the salon, bringing them to the salon and having someone else drive them home after they got their hair done…And “no”, this is not a service we offer- sorry!) 

So, all that to say, this is a pretty special group of people, and lots of them do things that are not listed on this page. There is a LOT of stuff not mentioned on this page!
Ok. Now you can scroll.  

Fighting Cancer

Race against cancer

We try to do this every year, so if you would like to join our team, then let your stylist know! (You might even get a RTB race shirt?!)

There is also a charity that is taking on cancer from a completely different angle, and we are hopeful and excited to see progress coming from a completely different mindset.

Local Poverty

Mission of Hope

 Every year we deliver a large number of toys (and other stuff) for the benefit of the people of Appalachia (see picture at top of page).

“Since 1996, the Mission of Hope has ministered to the people of various counties in Kentucky and Tennessee from which 80% of the region’s residents no longer have jobs in the coal mining industry.  Many of the people we assist are caught in the pockets of poverty and, as a result, have lost all hope for their future. With your help and with God’s love we can help bring new hope to many.”

International Poverty

GFA World

We also support www.GFA.org which helps internationally with some of the poorest on the planet. It provides mosquito nets, water purifiers, wells, and lots of other options to enable the poorest of the poor to take care of themselves, as much as possible (depending on their specific situation).


Helping the homeless

We also assist with several programs geared towards helping the homeless population, and many staff donates significant time and money to various charitable organizations, both industry-related and otherwise.

Veterans’ Home

Our corporate office received a phone call expressing a great need for a stylist at Ben Atchley Tennessee State Veterans’ Home. It was brought to our attention that residents there hadn’t had a hair service in many months. We asked our staff if anyone could help and that set the ball in motion for our partnership with our local Veterans’ Home.

We are an industry that serves, and this opportunity aligns with our mission to improve lives and confidence through great hair and encouragement. Each month several of our stylists take turns offering haircuts and styles to the residents and feel honored to take care of them. After all, they sacrificed and took care of us. As the Veterans’ Home mission statement goes, ‘PROUDLY SERVING THOSE WHO SERVED,” and Ross the Boss is just that—proud to serve.

Parkinson’s Foundation

Recently we teamed up with the Parkinson’s Foundation to help them raise awareness and funds for those in our community locally fighting Parkinson’s Disease. This feels close to home for us as our founder, Ross Badgett III, was diagnosed about 5 years ago with the PD.

As stylists we connect with so many people on a regular basis, and we help where we can when we can. This opportunity with the Parkinson’s Foundation is a way for our company to show our support for those battling Parkinson’s Disease and for the caregivers and family members too.

*If you’d like help us raise money for an upcoming event check out our Facebook page or ask your stylist!

Other local donations/charities

We have donated styling stations and stylists’ chairs (along with other items)  to several local cosmetology schools, and a local church that offers free hair services to the homeless population. (And, yes, the equipment was in good/great condition with many useful years left!) We have also donated salon furniture to several salons in TN that lost everything due to flooding.

Historically, we have donated to “pretty much everyone who asked” for a donation, but we feel that our money is better spent focusing on one or two charities so that we can contribute in a more powerful way.