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Well, aren’t you the rebel?
You just had  to do it, didn’t you?

You are obviously either

1. Really bored

2. Really curious or

3. Just a rebel who had to react to the challenge!

Whichever fits you, I hate to disappoint you, but that is all there is to this page. Seriously. That’s it. Sorry…


Actually. Y’know what? Since you showed some initiative, I will try to reward you with a funny video or something, but…you’ll have to check back, because NOBODY ELSE EVEN CARES THAT THIS PAGE EXISTS, OR BOTHERS TO CLICK THE LINK! (As far as I know)…

Now that I mention it, I’ll try to remember to check back and see how many people actually looked at this page! So, all that to say. You’re special (rebel or not) …and I do hope you have a great day! 😊 And enjoy the video!

You’re welcome!