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Have we won any awards/ do you have credentials?
  • Yeah. Quite a few. We are a collection of stylists that have numerous “Best of Knoxville” awards in various publications for individual stylists, and we are almost always listed in the Top 3 of Knoxville’s top salons.
  • We have several stylists/educators that teach for Keune Haircosmetics. Three of those are on the top (national and international) level and are responsible for things such as: helping to establish/dictate “trend” looks, as well as teaching at the Keune Academy in Atlanta. They are instrumental and responsible for training our staff, as well as bringing in other top educators to keep us current, motivated, and held to a higher standard.
  • We have had over 30 stylists go through the ABCH (American Board Certified Haircolorists) program. There are only a few thousand ABCHs in the US.
  • We have had several stylists published in industry magazines for our knowledge, makeovers, and advice.
  • Good enough? I sure hope so! There’s more, but I think this is enough. If you really need to see more, then click here.
Do we support any charities?

Sure. Follow the link here

What are our goals or mission statement, and that kind of stuff?

Our goal is to create an environment where people can experience professional excellence and genuine love. We want everyone who comes in to have a great experience, and leave looking the best they can; having had someone care about them as a person instead of just a patron.

What makes us different?

Our company is founded by a guy who believes that your life, identity, and worth is about more than just what you do for a living or how much money you make. Our work is important because we have the gift and opportunity to change the way someone sees themself. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. We have seen the power of a makeover, and the tears that it can bring when a guest realizes the potential that has been hiding in plain sight. We believe that life is about relationships and balance. We sincerely hope to be the best we can be and to create an environment where you can experience professional excellence and genuine love. Please let us know how we are doing because we can’t fix what we don’t know is broken unless you tell us!

Do you guys do online appointments?

I wish. We are working through a software switch currently, and are hopeful that the new one will allow for online appointments. There are a lot of opportunities to mess up on making appointments, so we will not use it until we are sure that it works as flawlessly as possible and that it will make life easier instead of harder!

Do you offer hair extensions?

Yes. We have several stylists that are certified and would love to help you find what works best for you. I’d encourage you to call the salon first because not everyone is certified, so you’ll want to make sure you have someone at that salon that is certified.

How can I tame my frizzy hair?

I hate to do this to you, but since there are so many variables as to what your hair is like, it would be best to run in and ask a stylist. If you don’t feel their solution was the best then click the “contact us” button and I’ll get you taken care of!

Do you guys do kids’ hair?

We do, but you need to know that we treasure our environment.  That means that if your child is well-disciplined then we would be honored to cut their hair, but if they tend to scream and/or flail, then we would recommend you wait to bring them to our salon until they can exercise more self-control. So, for the safety of both your child and our staff and for the experience of everyone else in the salon, we will encourage you to find a “kid-friendly” place unless/until they are able to act like responsible adults. (I used “responsible” there because there are “older” people that are “adults” in name only!)

Can you guys text me when I have an upcoming appointment?

Absolutely! Just make sure we have your cell number and that you have opted in for the texts.

Why is the lady at the front always smiling/ laughing?

Lots of reasons, but most likely she’s “up to no good!

Do your products go on sale?

We do have special “Client appreciation days” on occasion, so make sure you are on our email list (here) or follow us on social media(links at top of page) so you can be aware of those days. Also, there is almost always “something going on”. Normally, you can get a great deal on stuff that we are no longer going to carry, or the manufacturer decided to change the packaging! Occasionally, we sometimes order too much or get a crazy good deal on something, and we normally pass on the savings to you!

Is there really a Ross the Boss?

For better, or worse, there sure is. Hopefully, you will see him in the salon sometime (and maybe you can post a pic together! If so, don’t forget to tag us!)

Can I work there?

Maybe. Click on the link that says “Careers”.


Who is the best stylist you have?

I can’t answer that- It’s like picking a favorite child (even if you do have one, you can’t tell who it is!)

Can I sell stuff there, or can I put out some “charity stuff” in your salons?

The short answer is “no”. If we do it for you, then we have to do it for everyone else, and we choose NOT to do that. As far as charities go, we already support some good ones, and so it is unlikely you will get to replace one of those. Sorry. If you think you are the exception to the rule, then you are welcome to call the office, but be prepared to be disappointed.

Do I get something for sending my friends in to get their hair done?

Yep! Lots of stuff. First of all, you get the benefit of knowing that you have helped your friend make good choices (and that is being a true friend). You also get the appreciation of our staff (unless your friend is a nutter!) AND finally, you get reward points that you can redeem for stuff! (It’s in the works, but it should be available soon!)

Do you serve alcohol?

Nope. We don’t feel like you should make decisions (including those that affect your appearance) when you’re not 100%, so we aren’t providing that option at this time. Maybe in the future, several of you will convince me that you make poor decisions whether alcohol is involved or not, so…we may revisit it then, but for now- simply “no”.

Can I bring my dog/pet?

I do love dogs (but not nearly as much as some of you! Seriously!). However, state board will not allow you to bring any of your pets. So, that means “please leave them at home, or in doggie day care” (if that’s your thing!)

Can my friends come and hang out while I get my hair done?

As fun as that is, it has been proven that it’s not really a good plan. “Hair by committee” has proven to be an extremely poor idea. If you’d like to have your friend’s input, then pull out the phone, but history has shown that you and your stylist typically make much better decisions without a lot of external “help”.

How many questions are on your FAQ page?

I don’t know. I didn’t actually count them. You are welcome to scroll up and down and count them if it means that much to you?! (and this just occurred to me…I hope there are 20! “20 questions!”)